Google’s “Fred” Algorithm Update

The mysterious Fred Update. Last month, Google launched an algorithm update. Unlike previous significant updates, Google won’t discuss it, but many publications are calling it, “Fred”. We’re less inclined to think Google’s lack of explanation is due to some devious reason. It’s more likely that they don’t want to rehash what’s to them, obvious: content-rich sites are good, poor content sites are bad. The proof? When asked to describe the updates, Google confirmed that what it targeted can be found in the Google webmaster guidelines.


So, if you’ve noticed an inexplicable increase or decrease in your rankings with that jumped off the first week in March, you can likely thank, Fred. Decantery clients, except for one, saw minimal effects. Our client that was effected, saw a significant jolt. Our client in this example has an extremely content-rich site that has a domain with long-term history.

One of our clients saw a sizeable impact from the "Fred" update.
One of our clients saw a sizeable impact from the “Fred” update.


How to Navigate “Fred” & Additional Algorithm Updates

While the Fred update is significant, it certainly isn’t groundbreaking. Any SEO actions you were planning to take to benefit from the Fred update won’t require you to take a course different from your previous (so long as those actions were SEO-centric optimizations). They key to navigate Fred’s enhancements (and the many more to come), is to always be adding new, valuable, and relevant, to your website. Also, make sure that the theme of your website’s pages is geared towards a specific search query. Don’t forget to perform regular backlinking optimizations. And be sure you have the proper bells and whistles of SEO code in place.


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Don’t have SEO on your site? That’s OK, too! We can discuss your website goals and marketing objectives so that we can launch you sites overall SEO code and create a timeline for long-term strategic SEO tactics. SEO isn’t a set it and forget it marketing method- it requires time, commitment, and adjustments.

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