New Saint Louis Science Center Site Launch

Decantery is proud to announce the launch of the new Saint Louis Science Center website

We’re excited and honored to have helped such an incredible organization and cultural institution of St. Louis!

Being such a highly visited attraction, it was crucial that the Science Center’s website have fast and responsive design, user-friendly navigation, and all elements in working order.

The previous website had 3 primary issues:

  1. Broken functionality
  2. Not a mobile-friendly website
  3. No one could update the website in-house

Decantery solved all these problems and more by moving the St. Louis Science Center to a WordPress CMS (content management system, a.k.a. website platform).


The most critical issue the Science Center wanted addressed was repairing their calendar of events. The previous site’s calendar wouldn’t display events properly or allow users to browse information.

Now, the calendar is fully visible across devices, easy for SLSC to update, and website visitors can find information about events quickly and easily. Events can also be added to Google Calendar and iCal at the touch of a button!

Saint Louis Science Center Calendar of Events


Did you know that over 80% of tourism searches came from mobile devices? By not having a mobile-friendly website, organizations are at risk of losing valuable traffic.

The old Science Center site had only a few mobile-optimized pages. With most of their traffic coming from mobile devices, visitors were extremely limited in their navigation capabilities.

Now, the Science Center has cross-site mobile-friendliness. Each page is responsive, providing users with an optimized version- whether they are on a mobile device or desktop!

Easy In-House Updates

The added benefit of Decantery building the Science Center website with responsive design, is that it’s simplified efforts for future page additions.

The old website required mobile pages be created, updated and managed separately from the main site. This was duplicative, difficult and costly.

Now, the Science Center can continue building out content and maintain it in 1 page for both desktop and mobile users


Please check out the St. Louis Science Center’s new website and enjoy the upgraded experience. Plan your visit and buy tickets with ease! We’re grateful to have served the Science Center and look forward to seeing the site’s ongoing growth due to expandable functionality we’ve made possible.

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