Digital Audits

Our Audit Program

A digital audit is performed on your digital efforts to identify how you’re effectively meeting your goals, or, where you’re missing the mark. Audits are a crucial of assessing where you’ve come from, so that we can build a strong strategy for where you’re heading.

Our audits can be performed on both large and small scales. Whether you’d like to assess your entire organization’s tactics or simply receive an updated report on your paid advertising efforts, we’ll deliver a detailed report with easily-identifiable action items.

At Decantery we start each audit with an open mind and approach our clients as individuals with their own histories, business goals, and perspectives. Our holistic audits give us hard data, showing you where real impact can be made.

We pride ourselves on delivering SMART recommendations: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely.

Our Audit Options


Understanding what you’re spending and on what can be hard to determine. We take a look at your efforts to determine:

  • Is there wasted spend?
  • Is the account properly set-up?
  • Are you driving traffic the correct places?
  • Are you measuring conversions?


An in-depth SEO audit helps you determine why you’ve experienced a ranking drop or tell you where you need to continue to optimize. SEO audits address:

  • Are there are technical errors on your site?
  • Where you are currently ranking?
  • What’s your current load speed?
  • Has Google taken a manual action against your site?


A website audit will tell you where changes are needed on your website to improve customer experience. A website audit addresses:

  • Where you can make adjustments to your site map?
  • If you need to improve your site speed?
  • High bounce rate pages?
  • Areas in which you can improve conversions?

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