Email Marketing & Lead Generation

When you cold call prospects, you’re spending your valuable time on only one person at a time. With email lead gen, you can touch and nurture dozens or hundreds of prospects all at the same time. Don’t be Dog—be the whole pack.

Overwhelmingly, email has become the main way to communicate with your prospects. Whether you’re looking to convert leads to customers, increase visibility for your brand, or attract new subscribers for your company’s newsletter, email outreach is an integral part of any solid marketing strategy.

We would love to partner with you to add email marketing to your digital strategy. We can integrate with a variety of platforms and systems, allowing us to seamlessly assist you in your efforts. Our team has a combined 15 years experience in digital strategy, with 5+ years focusing on driving email marketing strategies. Check out our main focuses in email lead gen below:

Lead Gen for Existing Sales Leads, AKA “The Art of the Follow-Up”

Do you have leads laying around that “have gone cold?” We still view those as opportunities. The art of the follow-up combines consistent yet professional follow-up with genuine, personal content. We understand that small to medium-sized businesses may not have the powerhouse sales teams that larger companies have. That’s where we step in with your cold leads. We create customized email templates for our clients and build automated drip campaigns that allow us to reignite those cold leads.

With this offering, you will:

  • Have customized, personal email templates crafted just for you and your company
  • Free up time spent on manually following-up with “cold” prospects
  • Reintroduce yourself professionally to existing prospects
  • Allow your sales team to focus on creating new, qualified leads
  • Feel like you have your own digital marketing team on your side—that’s us!

This offering also presents you with options:

  1. If taking your prospect follow-up totally off your plate is your goal, we can easily integrate your lists with our system and launch automated drip campaigns. We’ll communicate transparently with you and provide detailed reporting on our efforts.
  2. If revitalizing your cold leads is your goal, but you’d like to maintain control over your communication and outreach, we can also help. We also consult with clients who would like to build automated drip campaigns by creating customized email templates, crafting the campaigns, and then training teams on how to use the automated system.

We dive a bit more into this option over on our blog – feel free to check it out here!

Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts

Do you feel like you could be reaching more folks via digital marketing but aren’t sure what avenues to take? Email lead gen is one of the most personal, most successful ways to accomplish this. Decantery partners with clients to create customized email templates that showcase their business, builds custom, automated drip campaigns, and then identifies and sources your ideal prospects’ email addresses.

With this offering, you will:

  • Have customized, personal email templates crafted just for you and your company
  • Free up time spent on manually searching for new leads
  • Directly email hundreds of fresh, ideal prospects per month
  • No longer worry about remembering to follow-up with new leads
  • Feel like you have your own marketing team on your side—that’s us!

Other Email Services


  • Off-load the task of necessary newsletters
  • Keep your consumers up-to-date & informed

Behavior-Based Remarketing

  • Send email blasts based on consumer behavior
  • Follow up based on specific prospect interactions

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