Introducing: Think. Do. Share.

What do Benjamin Franklin, Lebron James, and David Letterman have in common? They all believe the best method of learning is through experience.

Taking the advice of the wildly brilliant and, well, experiencing it for ourselves (you see what I did there?!), we thought it would be a worthy cause to interview our professional network and beyond to share the experiences that have shaped and driven their professional growth. We often found ourselves in a position where we’d meet someone and walk away wondering- how did they get to such an interesting place in life or gaining a new perspective that resonated with us. So, we took a little initiative…

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Decantery’s Think. Do. Share. campaign.

This will be an ongoing collection of casual interviews with the motive of sharing the best kind of “knowledge sharing” – experiential.

If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to our series please contact us today! We’re looking for those who can speak to their experience in technology, digital, design, and thought leadership. Have an interesting topic that’s not listed? Pitch it anyways – we’re always welcome new ideas!

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