Search Engine Optimization

About SEO

Search engine optimization (“SEO”) is a constantly evolving landscape driven by the near daily updates search engines make to their proprietary ranking algorithms. SEO helps you discover & cater to existing market demand & helps you attached your business to growing trends through linguistics.

Successful SEO begins with accepting the fact that search engines singular objective is to return the best possible result against whatever search has been executed by their users. With nearly unlimited resources to put against this goal, any attempt to “game” the system will inevitably result in disaster – JC Penney’s blacklisting in 2011 was a great example.

Our Process

At Decantery, we work with you to build a complete, integrated SEO program customized for your business structure. Simply put, we know SEO & we know how to generate target organic traffic.

Decantery provides premier, holistic SEO agency services that significantly impact your bottom line. We help our clients create comprehensive SEO strategies.

Our Recipe For Success

Trusting Partnership

We work hard to fully understand both you and your business so that we can create a customized SEO program that drives you towards success.

Link Building

Our organic link building strategies put emphasis on social relationships and content that is relevant to your business and customers.

Local Search Optimization

In order to be competitive, you must have a local SEO strategy. Our local SEO & small biz SEO services are specifically designed to improve your ranking with both organic and local searches that will drive more customers to your site or storefront.

On-Page SEO

You put valuable time and effort into your brand and content. But, without on-page SEO, even the most exceptional content marketing will miss its mark.

Ongoing Optimization

We’re not like other agencies that “set it and forget it.” We perform ongoing optimization to ensure low page bounce rates and high conversions.

Content Development & Optimization

Content is the main vehicle for engaging our clients’ target audience. Using a search-driven mindset that ties every piece of content back to a search term, we create & implement effective and disciplined strategies.

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