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Decantery is a group of multi-disciplined marketeers with over 20 years of collective digital marketing experience.


Our Thought Process

We’re very analytical and enjoy data. We like to listen to what our clients need and provide them strategic direction based on what we hear. Digital Marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each business is different and needs a unique strategy.

  • We're data driven
  • We're active listeners
  • We make suggestions based on your business
  • We look at each business as a learning opportunity

We Like What We Do

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Our Recent News

An Infographic: Optimizing Both Work & Life

As digital marketers we’re all about optimizing everything. On the daily we are optimizing the performance of our campaigns and figuring out the smartest/ most efficient way to complete tasks. So, it’s no surprise when we come across an infograph...

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What we’ve learned about ETAs…so far

A responsible Paid Search advertiser (like us!) is preparing for or already launched their Google ETAs (expanded text ads). Since we’ve started launching ETAs for our clients, we’ve observed some interesting things.   Quick Overview ETAs are...

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Building a Secure Site with WordPress

Posted by on August 8, 2016

With 74.6 million sites and counting WordPress is one of the most popular CMS’ used in web development. Security is always top of mind when beginning a web development project, and clients want to know building in WordPress provides a secure en...

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