Social Media is an important medium to engage with your target audience – build relationships, establish knowledge leadership and engage in customer service. The most important (and difficult) elements of an effective Social engagement program are:

  1. Committing to the investment of time and money
  2. Consistently create new content & testing its effectiveness
  3. Measuring the outcomes

Too many, Social Media campaigns equate acquiring “likes” or “followers” to ROI. However, if you have thousands of followers and zero of them are leading to revenue, is it really worth it?

At Decantery, we make sure your Social Media serves a strategic purpose and drives valuable actions. We view Social Media as a part of a broader digital engagement strategy, one that must enhance your business goals and objectives.

Social Media is more than setting up a Facebook page. We’ll help you identify the platforms your business should be participating in, your messaging direction and format, and a cadence that fits your budget.


Decantery’s Social Media services include:



Here we set the foundation for your Social Media campaigns. We’ll determine your target audience and ensure that all tactics implemented tie to your marketing objectives.



In order to expand your reach, you must extend your message past your current followers. This is where Paid Social Advertising comes in. Objective, placement, ad type, delivery optimization, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, lookalike audiences, and more- there’re many components! Fortunately, Decantery excels in executing these campaigns. We also make sure you understand what the value is by providing reporting that delivers digestible data and actionable insights.


Also known as, social listening, this service allows you to gain powerful insight into your industry, followers, and competitors. Decantery executes Social technology tools to monitor multiple social media channels, forums, blogs, news sites, and review sites. We’re able to monitor mentions of a brand, a product, or a more general topics important to your business.



Creating and publishing great content can be a lot of work. We can help you craft an engaging voice for your brand across Social platforms or create graphics that’ll capture your target audience’s attention. The Social space is full of prospects with short attention spans. Decantery’s copywriting experts will craft posts to distinguish your brand and deliver your message, while also facilitating a relationship that consumers want to follow.

It’s also important that all posts are prearranged and organized in a single place. By creating a monthly schedule, you’re able to follow a step-by-step plan that has strategic purpose and enables marketing objectives to be aligned.

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