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Our Development

By building onto of proven platforms like WordPress, we save our clients money, time, and headaches—all while delivering measurable outcomes that drive business success.

When Decantery was founded, we initially only offered consulting services to ensure that client sites were built properly. We identified both wins and areas for improvement regarding visitor usability, conversion, calls to action, and SEO optimization best practices.

Over the years, this evolved into offering more robust services. We discovered that it’s truly easier for us and our clients to do it right the first time instead of navigating constant issues caused by poor first designs. We had encountered CSMS systems that clients couldn’t update, frustrating charges in the hundreds of dollars for simple changes, and development estimates that came with $50,000 price tags for sites that could be easily built in WordPress or Drupal for less than half the cost.

Why WordPress?

Some stats on how often WordPress is utilized:

  • 14.7 monthly users
  • 74.6 million websites utilize WordPress
  • 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress

We prefer WordPress because:

  • Clients aren’t beholden to Decantery for updates and changes
  • WordPress can be easily handed off to a small business with little to no coding experience
  • It’s a scaleable and customizable platform, so it grows with our clients
  • WordPress supports everything from a minimal yet beautiful one-page site to complex eCommerce shops

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