Lead-Generating Landing Pages: Why and How?

Here at Decantery, we strive to provide our clients with a holistic approach to their digital marketing strategies. One of (if not the most) important elements of your digital strategy is your website. But websites aren’t just for having an online presence—you can optimize them for easy, no-hassle lead generation! Let’s talk about the “why” and “how” of implementing landing pages that drive inbound marketing strategies.

The Why

Once your SEO or PPC strategies get consumers to your website, you must ensure that they’ll take an action. Frankly, unless someone is only visiting to see what your company’s hours are, you should consider that all consumers are prospective customers! The more engaging and informative your website is, the more likely a prospective customer will convert. Landing pages accomplish this a variety of ways. They can utilize several interactive options that can gather information, provide value to prospective customers, and “increase the likelihood of converting traffic into leads,” says HubSpot.

We would divide conversion-driving landing pages into two categories: Information Grabbers, or Value Providers. Information grabbers include: event registrations, email list sign-ups, etc. Value providers include: white paper downloads, free trials of your product, etc.

Landing pages that drive conversions are also free! You don’t have to sink more of your marketing dollars into this strategy, and we think that’s a major win.

The How

Let’s cover how you can implement and take advantage of landing pages. First, identify where on your site you’re driving customers to. Then, ask yourself why. If you’re sending customers to your website because you have an event coming up, create a short and sweet landing page about that event. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Include the basic necessities, but also use one of the above tactics. Add in an option to download an information packet to review prior to the event, or add in an email list sign-up section so that your customers can stay connect with you about that event in particular OR future events.

We also suggest testing a variety of landing page styles. If you see that your email list subscription landing page isn’t as active as the landing page you created that offers a free trial of your product, take a look at what you did differently. We also love this HubSpot article that shares some great “hows” regarding making your landing pages even more effective. We especially suggest using #6: “Keep your form high on the page.” The faster a visitor can take care of business, the happier they’ll be.

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