Seasonal Marketing Strategy Tips

We were looking at our calendars this week and realized that fall is almost upon us! Autumn officially starts on September 23rd this year, and we’re ready to hunker down in cooler weather. It has us thinking about new beginnings and fresh starts. How can we refresh our strategy in the new quarter? How can we prepare for changes that our clients are facing?

Season Swap

During summer and warm weather, people tend to spend more time outside and at activities. With longer days comes longer playtime, so consumers don’t spend as much time online. That means as the weather turns, so does your luck. The more time your ideal customer spends online, the higher the chances are that they’ll discover you.

How is your follow-up going? As the weather cools, so do many of your leads. Don’t forget to reach back out to leads you first connected with in early summer. Email marketing is the perfect solution. We can integrate with your leads lists and set up immersive automated drip campaigns to re-engage your chilly prospects.

It’s also time to consider changing up your messaging. For example, the more relevant your remarketing ads are, the more likely consumers are to click them. Now is the perfect time to swap out your stock photography and test a new fall campaign against your summer results. Need help with your retargeting or remarketing strategies? Give us a shout.

Follow the Trends

While most people assume that summer is their most costly season, data shows that it actually falls second behind winter. For e-commerce businesses, fall is the perfect time to start addressing digital marketing strategies as we enter a lull in consumer spending. If you’re in front of them even when they’re not in a spending frenzy, you’ll be at the top of their minds when winter hits.

Just as school starts back up in the fall, so should your self-evaluations. Don’t forget that your website deserves a good grade on its report card. We perform digital audits that provide our clients with a comprehensive health check-up on their website, PPC, and SEO projects. If something needs to be fixed, we’ll help you take the necessary steps to achieving that A+.

Additionally, you must be aware of the #PSL trend, right? If you’re starting to think that every company and their cousin is using PSL jokes in their marketing, you’d be correct! Pop culture trends are some of the easiest to incorporate into your digital marketing efforts.

If you’re feeling fired up about fall and would like some direction on your digital marketing for the new season, reach out! We’d love to start a dialog with you and identify any areas of opportunity that we could assist you with.

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