You’ve Got Mail: The Basics of Email Lead Generation

Digital strategy takes a village and a variety of tools. That’s why we believe it’s important to always be adding new tools to your belt. If SEO is your hammer, make sure PPC is your screwdriver. What’s missing? How about your email marketing mallet? Let’s talk about how adding email lead generation—aka email lead gen—to your tool kit can take your efforts to the next level (not sorry for the pun).

A Quick Overview of Email Lead Gen with Decantery

Email lead gen allows you to replace cold calling with emailing, freeing up your sales folks to work on more pressing tasks. We cover a few of the main reasons you’d leverage email lead gen for your business over here on our website, but we’ll recap briefly below:

  • Forget manually building email campaigns! We can help you build automated drip campaigns that run on their own and free up your time.
  • Do you have a sign-up sheet on your website that you’d like to take more advantage of? Email lead gen can help keep your ideal consumers up-to-date and informed about your offerings.
  • Entice potential partnerships. Build and maintain B2B relationships more easily via personalized email marketing.
  • Heat up those cold leads you have sitting around! If a prospect has disappeared on you, let our email lead gen efforts reignite them for you with thoughtful messaging and consistent, automated follow-ups.
  • Tune into your consumers’ behavior. Use their predictable actions to send email messaging based on their actions, which showcases your investment in the relationship you’ve built thus far.

We’ll be covering a couple of these topics more in-depth soon! Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts that dive more deeply into Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Existing Prospects and Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts.

If you’re ready to shake up your marketing efforts with a dedicated team of digital strategists, reach out! We’d love to chat about what you’d like to accomplish with your digital marketing.

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