You’ve Got Mail: Leveraging Existing Prospects

We covered Decantery’s email lead gen offerings on a recent blog post, but we want to dive more deeply into the two main options that we cover. Those are: Leveraging Existing Prospects and Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts. Today, we’ll cover Leveraging Existing Prospects. Thanks for joining us!


When a prospect has gone cold, sometimes it can feel like you’re out of options to reignite that lead. If you’re absolutely certain that you would make a beneficial partner to the prospect you’ve lost, it’s vital to follow-up with them. However, following up with prospects takes skill, creativity, and confidence. And that’s why we talk about “the art of the follow-up.

Let’s say you have a sales team member who feels that a large number of their cold leads would be worth reconnecting with, but already has a lot on their daily plate. It can be difficult to break away from the task load of brand new, promising leads! This is where we can help.


Decantery has a method of doing this for clients. We partner with clients to send highly personalized, custom emails to leads that have gone cold. The only thing (basically!) that our clients are responsible for is rounding up their cold leads and providing them to us. Let’s dive into how this works:

  1. Our client provides CSV files of prospect emails that were once-promising but now cold
  2. We create customized email templates for the client, complete with several follow-ups and direct, engaging calls to action (CTAs) that entice even your most elusive prospects
  3. We email these prospects on our client’s behalf through our automated drip system, plotting out weeks’ and months’ worth of follow-ups. 
  4. The client sits back and watches leads to flow into their inbox!

Sounds amazing, right? We think so, too. One of our email lead gen clients has seen incredible success with this method. It makes the stress of keeping in contact with seasonal opportunities a piece of cake, minus all the work and calories. 

Curious about our email lead gen services? Drop us a line by clicking the button below—we’d love to learn about your business goals! Please also stay tuned for our next blog post on Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts.

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