Is it Time To Update Your Website?

When you work in web development, one of the most common questions you’ll get asked is How do you know when it’s time to update your website?

A manufacturing client of ours recently came to us about updating their website. While the website we created for them last year has been doing well, they were ready for some changes. Our client identified a perfect opportunity for a restructure to their product pages: While on sales calls, he realized that his company’s site should be organized more by industry and not product category. Over the last several weeks, we have collaborated with him to make this possible, and we are looking forward to making his job easier!

This caused us to start thinking about other reasons that it might be tell-tale signs that your website needs some TLC. Let’s dive in!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Over time, if you have a live website and your business is doing well, it can be easy to forget that your online presence needs love and attention. Let’s cover a few instances of reasons to update your site:

  1. Your website is not SEO-optimized.
    • It’s assumed that most websites and their content are optimized for positive SEO results, but we also understand that this is not something every small to medium business knows about. Without proper SEO optimization, your website will not show up in Google searches as readily or won’t initiate enough conversions for you, among many other negative impacts. SEO optimization is one of our main services and we’d love to chat with you if SEO makes you say, “huh?”
  2. Your website traffic has slowed down.
    • If you’re tracking your website’s traffic, and you see that visitors, interactions, and conversions have been dwindling over time, your site might be due for some changes. While many factors go into why traffic may have slowed, it’s important to also keep up with the times. A digital audit is a perfect way to figure out where areas of opportunity are. You can also utilize remarketing techniques to bring visitors back to your website and close your conversion loop.
  3. Your website is not mobile-friendly.
    • 52% of online traffic is done on mobile devices. Check out how quickly mobile has taken over in the graphic to the right! That means that no matter how gorgeous your website is on your desktop screen, it’s vital to check how it looks on various mobile devices. If you have even the slightest feeling that it’s not easy to navigate while on a cell phone or tablet, it might be time to check your mobile settings and devise an update plan.
  4. Visual trends have changed.
    • All smart marketers know that following trends is a necessary nuisance. The trick is to accommodate trends in your visual identity without subscribing fully to them. This allows your branding and “look” to fit in with what’s popular without expiring too quickly. For instance, if an image slider on home pages is a successful visual addition, it’s a quick edit to make without compromising the current integrity or branding you have.
  5. You’re not using form fills, subscription sign-ups, or value add options.
    • If a prospect visits your website but doesn’t take anything away from it, have you really captured their interest? If your site doesn’t have a newsletter sign-up form, you’re missing out on engaging with prospects in the long run. Not sure about email marketing or email lead gen? We can help you with that! Other value add examples are downloadable PDFs and case studies—don’t forget to make downloads a conversion goal in your Analytics account! This allows you to gather even more information about potential customers. 

All Things Considered

There are dozens of reasons why you need to update your website. Whether it’s simply a matter of “it’s been too long” or you want to drive more qualified leads into your sales funnel, your website deserves an update. Think of it as an online, living extension of your brand and company. Provide it with the right development and attention, and you’ll see ongoing positive impact.

Do you still feel like your website needs some TLC and aren’t sure where to start? Let us know! We love helping businesses explore and identify their options. Click the link below to drop us a line.

You’ve Got Mail: Leveraging Cold Outbound

In our third installment of our blog series called “You’ve Got Mail,” we’ll be covering how to leverage totally cold email outreach. If you want to kickstart a new sales program with email lead generation, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t forget to check out our previous posts: You’ve Got Mail: Leveraging Existing Prospects and You’ve Got Mail: The Basics of Email Lead Generation.


Sometimes, searching for the right leads to target can feel like a wild goose chase, or finding a shiny and tiny metal object amongst a large pile of hay. But, if you know the general vicinity in which to search, you’re on the right track. That’s how we view email lead generation: cast a targeted net, and you’ll catch promising leads.


You might feel that sending out cold emails to strangers (prospects) doesn’t sound like the most effective way to get new leads in the door. You might be afraid of your emails being marked as spam. You might even be worried that you’ll accidentally email the wrong person. But here at Decantery, we have email lead gen down to a science.

Let’s go over how we make magic out of email lead generation:

  1. We discuss the specific industries and titles that you want to target for conversations
  2. We cull lead sources for prospects fitting your perfect parameters
  3. We create customized email templates for you, complete with several follow-ups and direct, engaging calls to action (CTAs) that entice even your most elusive prospects
  4. We email these prospects on your behalf through our automated drip system, plotting out weeks’ and months’ worth of follow-ups
  5. You sit back and watches leads to flow into your inbox!

Our clients have already seen great success with these efforts. We love providing our clients with qualified leads all while taking time and stress off their plates.

Does that sound enticing? Would you like to benefit from having more time on your (or your sales team’s) hands? Let us know! Click the “contact us” button below and we’ll be in touch![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][mk_divider style=”thick_solid” divider_width=”custom_width” custom_width=”50″ align=”left” border_color=”#f06781″][mk_fancy_title size=”28″ line_height=”50″ font_weight=”600″ margin_bottom=”0″ font_family=”none” responsive_align=”left”]Drop Us A Line[/mk_fancy_title][mk_button dimension=”flat” size=”large” url=””]Contact Us[/mk_button][/vc_column][/vc_row]

You’ve Got Mail: Leveraging Existing Prospects

We covered Decantery’s email lead gen offerings on a recent blog post, but we want to dive more deeply into the two main options that we cover. Those are: Leveraging Existing Prospects and Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts. Today, we’ll cover Leveraging Existing Prospects. Thanks for joining us!


When a prospect has gone cold, sometimes it can feel like you’re out of options to reignite that lead. If you’re absolutely certain that you would make a beneficial partner to the prospect you’ve lost, it’s vital to follow-up with them. However, following up with prospects takes skill, creativity, and confidence. And that’s why we talk about “the art of the follow-up.

Let’s say you have a sales team member who feels that a large number of their cold leads would be worth reconnecting with, but already has a lot on their daily plate. It can be difficult to break away from the task load of brand new, promising leads! This is where we can help.


Decantery has a method of doing this for clients. We partner with clients to send highly personalized, custom emails to leads that have gone cold. The only thing (basically!) that our clients are responsible for is rounding up their cold leads and providing them to us. Let’s dive into how this works:

  1. Our client provides CSV files of prospect emails that were once-promising but now cold
  2. We create customized email templates for the client, complete with several follow-ups and direct, engaging calls to action (CTAs) that entice even your most elusive prospects
  3. We email these prospects on our client’s behalf through our automated drip system, plotting out weeks’ and months’ worth of follow-ups. 
  4. The client sits back and watches leads to flow into their inbox!

Sounds amazing, right? We think so, too. One of our email lead gen clients has seen incredible success with this method. It makes the stress of keeping in contact with seasonal opportunities a piece of cake, minus all the work and calories. 

Curious about our email lead gen services? Drop us a line by clicking the button below—we’d love to learn about your business goals! Please also stay tuned for our next blog post on Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts.

You’ve Got Mail: The Basics of Email Lead Generation

Digital strategy takes a village and a variety of tools. That’s why we believe it’s important to always be adding new tools to your belt. If SEO is your hammer, make sure PPC is your screwdriver. What’s missing? How about your email marketing mallet? Let’s talk about how adding email lead generation—aka email lead gen—to your tool kit can take your efforts to the next level (not sorry for the pun).

A Quick Overview of Email Lead Gen with Decantery

Email lead gen allows you to replace cold calling with emailing, freeing up your sales folks to work on more pressing tasks. We cover a few of the main reasons you’d leverage email lead gen for your business over here on our website, but we’ll recap briefly below:

  • Forget manually building email campaigns! We can help you build automated drip campaigns that run on their own and free up your time.
  • Do you have a sign-up sheet on your website that you’d like to take more advantage of? Email lead gen can help keep your ideal consumers up-to-date and informed about your offerings.
  • Entice potential partnerships. Build and maintain B2B relationships more easily via personalized email marketing.
  • Heat up those cold leads you have sitting around! If a prospect has disappeared on you, let our email lead gen efforts reignite them for you with thoughtful messaging and consistent, automated follow-ups.
  • Tune into your consumers’ behavior. Use their predictable actions to send email messaging based on their actions, which showcases your investment in the relationship you’ve built thus far.

We’ll be covering a couple of these topics more in-depth soon! Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts that dive more deeply into Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Existing Prospects and Leveraging Email Lead Gen for Cold Outbound Efforts.

If you’re ready to shake up your marketing efforts with a dedicated team of digital strategists, reach out! We’d love to chat about what you’d like to accomplish with your digital marketing.